Helicopter parents more likely to raise narcissistic children, studies say


We all love to dote on our children. However, at times, it can be a bit too much. Helicopter parents know what we are talking about. A parent who pays diligent attention to a child’s well-being, problems and tends to “hover” around is called a helicopter parent. Studies also say that today’s parents spend a lot more time on their children than before and can even at times, be controlling.
While there are a lot of positives and negatives associated with this parenting style, a new study claims that the one thing helicopter parents might be doing wrong is raising their kids to be majorly naricissistic.
Here’s why
Helicopter parents tend to be too “focussed” and concerned about their children’s behaviour which might continue onto their teenage and adult years. Also termed as overparenting, guardians end up playing an acutely protective role and the same has been highlighted in a report published in a publication, ‘The Age’.
According to a report published, the problem of helicopter parenting extended into children’s teen and college-going years. It was observed that parents of such children ended up indulging in ‘developmentally inappropriate tactics’ which exceeded their actual needs just to make sure nothing goes wrong. Some parents also hovered into their children’s lectures, attendance and grades and not letting them do things on their own. All these and more negatively impacted a child’s self-esteem and made them prone to exhibiting symptoms of anxiety.
A similar study conducted in England a couple of years ago found that helicopter parenting style, could impact children’s minds in their growing up years and hamper their ability to develop as a functional adult.
While it has been seen that loving, caring parents are more likely to raise resilient children, helicopter parents can impact their kids’ psychological well-being and limit social and cognitive development. Being used to certain interference from their parental units can make children feel special and entitled as well. Experts even say that in cases, it can be the precursor of narcissistic traits or Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD).
Although a bit of narcissism may be good for one’s mental health, a predisposition to such personality traits may hamper your child from fully developing.
While there’s no real reason where the need to be a helicopter parent comes from- either too much love or wanting to see best in one’s kids, too much interference, or correcting their mistakes is not the best way to go about it. However, to bring the best out of your kids, allow them to commit mistakes and learn from them.