• Citra-TasmCitra-Tasm

A simple facelift on this beer bottle! Tons more detail added to the new label and still kept the swirls in the background.


Sip A Pop

  • Sip A PopSip A Pop

This package piece was to fit the product of homemade popsicles that have a built-in straw. All designs below are redesigns of the old packaging and bring unity between each to represent one company.

Frozen Pop

  • Frozen PopFrozen Pop

This package piece was to fit their product of homemade popsicles with no built-in straw this time.

Ice Cream Social

  • Ice Cream SocialIce Cream Social

This package was to fit their product of ice cream in a cup with a built-in straw. Also comes with a scooper.



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